Dooble 1.44_

Privacy comes first with this web browser

Dooble is an open source web browser, which aims to facilitate quick and secure internet surfing. View full description


  • Navigate securely
  • Tabbed browsing experience
  • Incorporates RetroShare


  • Page loading can be sluggish
  • Doesn't support Flash
  • Search engine returns results in German

Not bad

Dooble is an open source web browser, which aims to facilitate quick and secure internet surfing.

Based on WebKit, the powerful engine that both Safari and Google Chrome also use, Dooble's main focus is security on the web. Dooble also incorporates RetroShare, an application that makes it possible for you to send emails and files with a sense of privacy. RetroShare also has a built-in chat program for those who want a complete web surfing experience without the need to open a stand-alone desktop application to chat with friends and family.

In addition, cookies and Javascript are disabled on this browser by default. Dooble also automatically removes the browser's history every time you close the program. You can make changes to the default settings with relative ease through the configuration menu. There are also several search engines included with the browser, tabbed browsing, and the ability to open bookmarks with the keypad numbers.

Unfortunately, Dooble's search engine automatically gives you search results in German, no matter what language you configured to be your primary option. Sometimes the browser's font size also automatically shrinks to an illegible level after you've changed unrelated settings, which can be annoying.

Dooble certainly doesn't break any new ground, but it's a competent and secure browser alternative.


  • If the user navigates to a page that is within the current page's domain, set the url widget's icon to the current page's icon
  • Support for preventing JavaScript to: hide the menu bar, hide the status bar, hide the tool bar
  • Allow for hiding of tab bar whenever there is but a sole tab
  • Fixed a problem with the Download URL portion of the Downloads window
  • Fixed access issues with the proxies. All user name fields were incorrectly queried from the configuration file
  • Check for "inline" content dispositions to determine if Dooble should display a download dialog.
  • OS X look-and-feel improvements
  • Implemented a cookie window
  • The History window's headers are now movable
  • Replaced QApplication::allWidgets() with QApplication::topLevelWidgets() where applicable
  • Dooble will now download favicon files without the use of QWebView
  • Replaced QWebView::reload() with dview::load()
  • Retrieve and store URLs in the history table if page titles are unavailable
  • Added the visits field to the history table
  • Improved default font and font sizes for various operating systems
  • Removed the CTRL+Q shortcut from the Dooble window
  • Introduced the ability to record download information in the downloads.db database
  • Added the History tab to the Settings window


Dooble 1.44_